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Charlie Daniels Band
Protected By Prayer

Подбор прислал:
Protected By Prayer

Intro: D A D F D   D A C D   D C D C A D   D C F D

He got lost from his unit in the jungle alone,
         G              D
with the enemy on the advance;
As the bullets and tracers flew over his head,
        G                     D
he knew that he didn't have a chance.
He fired his rifle and tried to be brave,
           G                          D
though his senses were frightened and numb;
He lay on the ground with a lump in his throat
          G                            D    
'Cause he knew that the end would soon come.
    G                      D
But back home a mother was down on her knees 
          G                        D
praying, "Be with my son, keep him safe, Father, please."
        G                              D
When it all looked so hopeless, just a one-sided fight,
      E                       A
his deliverance flew into the night.
        D     C    G                           D
And the enemy scattered as the chopper touched down
and lifted the soldier off the hard killing ground;
                         C   G                      D
He could feel the LORD's presence in the hot jungle air,
G             D     A             D
surrounded by mercy, protected by prayer.

D                             C
She had to work late, she was hurrying along,
G                         D
trying to get home before dark;
Against her better judgement, she turned from her way,
             G                             D
and took the shortcut that ran through the park.
With night falling quickly and no one around,
         G                            D
from the deep shadows there stepped a man;
She noticed the cold, evil look in his eyes,
     G                        D
then she saw the knife in his hand.

    G                            D
She cried out, "LORD, Jesus, I'm one of Your own,
        G                            D
send me help, LORD, you know I can't face this alone."
       G                           D
As the powers of heaven fought the forces of hell,
    E                            A
the man tripped and stumbled and fell.
    D                  C   G                     D
She walked through the darkness without worry or fear,
knowing nothing could harm her 'cause her angel was near

              C     G                   D
No evil could touch her, no demon would dare,
G             D     A             D
surrounded by mercy, protected by prayer.

C                     G                         Bb
He who abides in the Almighty's shadow shall be kept
'neath His sheltering wing;
C                              G
Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow,
E                  A
I will not fear anything.

D                             C
He was a good husband and the father of two,
   G                   D
It all began harmless enough.
He started out trying the drugs just for fun,
G                         D
Then he was hooked on the stuff.
He was out on the street just a thief and a bum,
       G                  D
He was dirty and out of control.
But his family wouldn
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