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David Bromberg
Send me to the lectric chair (аккорды)

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Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2006 05:10:16 -0500
From: Alan Zeldin 
Subject: b/bromberg_david/send_me_to_the_lectric_chair.crd

Send Me to The Lectric Chair

Composer George Brooks

Originally Recorded by Bessie Smith 3-3-1927

I transcribed this from the album
Wanted Dead or Alive (1974)
by David Bromberg

any question or comment you
can contact me at

        G          G7    C       Eb
He said Judge your honor Hear my plea

G          D            G      D7
Before you open up your court

G       G7       C        Eb
I don't crave no sympathy

A          A              D      D
for what I have to report

D            D      G        G
I caught her with a gambling Joe

D            D              G       G
I had warned her about once before

A           A            A      A
I pulled my knife, and I went insane

A            A       D7      D+
the rest you already know

        G     G7    C         Eb
he said Judge Judge good kind judge

G              D       G      D7
send me to the lectric chair

        G     G7    C       Eb
he said Judge Judge hear me Judge

A          A         D     D
I want to get out of here

  G                             G
I want to take a journey to the devil down below

I sliced up my sweet petootie

I gotta reap just what I sow

   G     G     C       Eb
So Judge Judge here me Judge

    G              D       G     D7
and send me to the lectric chair

G          G7          C       Eb

G          D           G       D7

G          G7          C       Eb

A          A           D       D

G                      G

C                      Eb

G          G7          C       Eb

G          D           G       D7

He said Judge oh listen to me Judge
Please now send me to the lectric chair
He said Judge, your honor, mister, sir
I love that girl so dear
I don't want no bondsman to go my bail
and I don't want to spend no 99 years stuck in your stinkin jail
Judge judge here me judge
send me to the lectric chair

G          G7          C       Eb

G          D           G       D7

G          G7          C       Eb

A          A           D       D

G                      G

C                      Eb

G          G7          C       Eb

G          D           G       D7

He said Judge, aw Judge, Mr Sirica please
send me to the lectric chair
Aw Judge, Now Judge, Meister Judge
Burn me cause I don't care
First I cut her with my barlow
and then I kinda kicked her in the side
and then I stood there laughing on her
while she buckled up an died

So judge, judge here me Judge
and send me to the lectric chair

These are the chord shapes I generally use for
this song.  I usually D7 where it says D and Eb7
where it says Eb.

G   G7  C   Eb7   D7   D+

3    3   3    x    x   x
3    3   5    4    3   3
4    4   5    6    5   3
5    3   5    5    4   4
5    5   3    6    5   5
3    3   x    x    x   x

Just an interesting side note for those of you not old
enough to remember.  Mr John Sirica was the
judge involved in the Watergate Case that eventually
caused Presedent Richard Nixon to resign his office
in 1974. If you want to modernize the song, you  can
use Scalia instead of Sirica ;)

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