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David Gray
Birds without wings (аккорды)

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Date: Thu, 18 Dec 1997 03:40:26 -0600
From: Tower Kountze 
Subject: CRD: D/gray_david/birds_without_wings.crd 

Birds Without Wings - by David Gray
from the album A Century Ends (Caroline Records, 1993)
Transcribed by Tower Kountze

David Gray is an incredible songwriter with a great voice.  He has three
CDs out,
but for some reason no one knows him.  I would love to see more of his
transcribed here, especially his more difficult stuff.

It's basically C and G with a slight variation on G (G*), and an A
thrown in toward the end.
(note: G* is just G played with your finger taken off the A string)

The Cords are C, G, G*, except for one part shown below, where an
A is thrown in when birds without wings is repeated

Wishing that something w....

Take for a while your ....

Angry sun burn ....

Across the fractured ....

[Change in chords: A, C, G]
Birds without ....

But these are just .....

Like you've had a .....

Well across the fractured .....

[Change in chords: D, Am]
When the cat comes 
we're just 
[A, C, G]
birds without .....

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