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Repetition (аккорды)

Подбор прислал:

Date: Wed, 15 Oct 2003 16:59:20 +0100
From: paul WHISTON 
Subject: f/fall/repetition.crd

artist:THE FALL
(album Early Fall cog sinister)
Ive revised my original version and a fuller version is now in tab form.
However the actual chord part for this is simple.
Its 2 chords alternating
I'm fairly sure its just 
G/E G/E G/E with perhaps a few minor variations in places.
Thats 320003 and 02210x the way I play it. 
Nothing to it really. In order to get the full rhythm of the song
however, you may want to strum this pattern G GG E EE. This is only
impled by the bass notes on the actual record but if you don't have a
bass player to hand i.e. if you are just a couple of mates playing this
on a couple of battered acoustic guitars for fun, then this will carry
the rhythm and timing of the song much better. 
I'm trying to work out the bass but the record is covered in keyboard. 

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