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Last Days On A Cruise Ship

Подбор прислал:
Title: Last Days On A Cruise Ship
Artist: Bamboo
Album: Tomorrow Becomes Yesterday
Chords by: Mark Jesson Galera (La Union)

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Text Me: 09082360710/09156169501

Tuning: Standard

Intro: Abm-G-C (4x)

Verse I:

Abm     G               C
Maybe, Just give me a lil more time
So I can just relax and lay down
Abm                G
On some beatiful real estate
The kind that money can't find
Abm          G  C
She burns so bright, She burns so bright
Abm           G     C
Knoking on my dor, No don't you worry
           Abm           G
I got this all under control
 C              Abm  G                 C   
If things get tight, We can all the whole thing off
                    Abm           G           C
Better check your temperature, follow te beat go faster and
faster and faster


Bb                      Abm
No one break from the formation
Bb                  Abm     Bb                  Abm
No I won't run I won't run,Finally my sins are forgiven
                    Bb         Abm       
Don't change the channels, straight to battle

Bb                      Abm
No one break from the formation
Bb                 Abm
Stand your ground stand your ground
Bb                           Abm
When you're this close to the sun
Bb                 Abm
Now's n the time to run


                  Bb Abm                 Bbn Abm
Don't wait for tomorrow,Don't wait for tomorrow,
                Bb Abm                    Bb Abm
Don't wait for tomorrow,Don't wait for tomorrow,

Verse II: (Do CP: G-C-G#m-G)
Now I see you're trying that Jedi Mind shit on me
But I apologize I just ain't that kind of guy
Let me get you a name of someone else
He'll get back to you with a courteous reply
But it's been too long too long
I'll burn frist before it's long gone long gone
Nah don't worry bout me

(repeat refrain and chorus)

Refrain II: (Do Refrain Chords)
He wrote a letter saying for all, that's he's done wrong
Me the perpetrator red handed middle
finfer on the triggersold on the idea that biger was better
Whatever it took, sell your soul better go
Cuz I'm not here to play no part
This boy a fighter, all star all souls
This boy's the clear winner, ready to fire, ready to go

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