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Wake Up Call

Подбор прислал:
Title: Wake Up Call
Artist: Bamboo
Album: Tomorrow Becomes Yesterday

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C#m             F#m-Abm C#m                       F#m-Abm
This is a wake uo call, Hear them knocking at my door
C#m                              Abm          F#m
Time's a wastin' excuse me sir, we're taking over
C#m              F#m-Abm C#m             F#m-Abm   
This is where we belong,This is a wak up call, 
C#m                      F#m-Abm
Hear them running for the door
Leave your problems at the door
C#m                F#m-Abm C#m                F#m-Abm
Whatever happens happens, This is where we belong
C#m         Abm
Where will be?


C#m                Abm
Alone looking on from the outside
 C#m                    Abm         
I ask myself a million times,But I get no reply
 C#m                        Abm
You telling me to give up, I'll take my won shots
C#m                         Abm
I got this favorite song, and I don't got
C#m                               Abm
This negativity that creeps into every heart and home
 C#m                        Abm
They thrown money around, keeping the good fold down
C#m                             Abm
A million mile one man march to the ends of this earth
YEs we can,But it's gonna take a little works

(repeat chorus)

Verse II: (Do Verse Chords)
We're all tired of te same ole same old
Whatever happened to thos jollu good days of ole
Leave your conscience at the door
God ahed now check yourself, a million mile one mean march 
to the end of this earth, Yes we can, But it's gonna take a little work
(repeat chorus)

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