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Brotha Lynch Hung
Return Of Da Baby Killa bass (табулатура)

Подбор прислал:
Upon hearing the bass to this song, I absolutely needed to know how to play it.

This tab is for the most part correct. I'm awful at playing by ear and this is pretty
my first attempt at tabbing anything. There's probably a bar or two that I left out, but I
up on it all and in the end this is what I had.

Verse bassline:

There's more than one way to get those higher notes. You could either slide all the way
use a pitch shifter pedal set to an octave up, or you can use your picking hand to
on (or tap) the high note, which is what I do.

Chorus bassline:

This was the harder part for me. The last few notes of each bar were hard to decipher
me. I tried listening to the best of my ability and honestly the first bar of the chorus
like the first bar I have tabbed above, and the rest of the chorus bars sound more like 
second one.

Also, at a certain part in the chorus, there's a bar where the last half is a bit higher
the other. One instance of it occurs at around 1:12 in the song and I'm pretty sure it
like this:


And yeah, that's that. Hope this helps.
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