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Animals (табулатура)

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Date: Tue, 16 Nov 2004 14:12:36 -0800 (PST)
From: Eric Foryan 
Subject: b/bt/

Acoustic or Electric Guitar
Original Artist:  BT
Album: Emotional Technology, 2003

This is my own tab work.  The lyrics used to synchronize with the chords
were from the booklet included with the Emotional Technology album.
Standard Tuning
Chord Listing:
   Asus2  C#min7   A      B    C#min    E

Intro and Chorus Chords:
Note:  The chords below are the same as listed above.  However during
the intro and chorus, strings 1 and 2 should not be played.  This note
is a reminder to beginners that the tabs below are still barre chords,
so you can make the appropriate finger formation instead of killing your
joints trying to make it work a different way.  Also, picking the strings
instead of strumming, sounds more like the recording, and is easier to
avoid playing strings 1 and 2 during these parts.
Intro and Chorus:
     B    C#min Asus2  E
     5x    5x    2x    3x    
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