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Parachutes (аккорды)

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Подбор прислал:

This song is really fun and easy to play; my one complaint is it's too short.  I've seen the
other tab, and it's mostly correct, but his version doesn't go along with the CD.  I played
around with it, and figured it's capoed on the second fret.  Once you do that, his version
is pretty much accurate.  The only other variation is the D chord, which is actually played
as a D/F#

Parachutes, by Coldplay

Capo 2nd fret
Intro (Same as verses)

A    F#m     A    F#m    Em     D/F#

A               F#m
In a haze, in a stormy haze,
A                     F#m
I'll be round I'll be lovin' you
   Em      D/F#
always, always.

Here I am and I'll take my time.
Here I am and I'll wait in line
always, always.

A:  577655
F#m:  2442222
Em:  0220000
D/F#:  xx4232  (you can also play bass note as open A)

Just listen to the song for the picking rhythm, it's not hard to pick up.  Like I said,
it's an easy song, just too damn short.

Email me at, or aim me at jeffersonian7

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