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The scientist live (аккорды)

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Date: Fri, 24 Sep 2004 16:29:48 -0400
From: Neil G MacLellan 
Subject: c/coldplay/the_scientist_live.crd

Title: The Scientist
Artist: Coldplay
Album: 2003 DVD
Neil MacLellan

This file is my own work based off of the Coldplay Live 2003 

Note:  The first thing to do is tune your HIGH E string up 
to an F.  This allows for all chords to be played smoothly 
and easily.  I have based this tab off of seeing Jon 
Buckland play on stage.

The Chords used are:

Dm7 	B Flat		F Major		Fsus2

F 0	F 0		F 0		F 0
B 1	B 6		B 1		B 1
G 2	G 7		G 2		G 0
D 0	D 8		D 3		D 3
A x	A 8		A 3		A 3
E x	E 6 (thumb)	E 1 (thumb)	E 1 (thumb)

C/F			C Major  		C/G

F x			F x			F X
B 1			B 1			B 1
G 0			G 0			G 0
D 2			D 2			D 2
A 3			A 3			A 3
E 1 (thumb)		E 0			E 3 (Thumb)


The guitar doesnв^А^Щt come in until about 1:50 into the song 
but if you want to play along with the piano intro the 
chords are as fallows.

Dm7в^А¦в^А¦в^А¦в^А¦в^А¦в^А¦в^А¦в^А¦в^А¦B flatв^А¦в^А¦в^А¦в^А¦в^А¦в^А¦в^А¦F Majorв^А¦в^А¦в^А¦в^А¦в^А¦в^А¦в^А¦в^А¦F sus2


Play the intro chord pattern through the chorus and then 
transition the Chords C/Fв^А¦в^А¦в^А¦Fsus2в^А¦в^А¦в^А¦C Majorв^А¦в^А¦в^А¦and C/G as 

F Major		    C/F   	   Fsus2	    C Major
No one     ever     said it      would be      this hard.

Strum C/B once.		Oh take me back to the startв^А¦в^А¦в^А¦	

F Major	        B Flat  	F Major 	Dm7	B 
Flat	     F Major		Fsus2

Note: When the lyrics Oh take me back to the start come in 
is when Jon Buckland starts playing.

Play the Intro Chords again for the second verse.  The song 
repeats itself twice.

The outro Chords are as fallows

Dm7	B flat	F Major 

Play this until the end of the song and end on an F major

Question or comments please E-Mail me at

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