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Comets (табулатура)

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Verse Riff

G				 Em

C				G

     G   	   Em
Look up,open the clouds
			C 		G
Here comes the bombshell, on the way home
	G		Em
And 	now we want the coal?
	     .C 	     G
We want the coal, Confusing times

G      Em   C    G

	G		Em
Cry murder, cry what you like
		 C		G
Just let the comets, lead the way
	      -Em		C
Well tear it down,Well hold the truth

	G    		D
by the neck, oh by the neck

	       Em		     C
Kick in the doors and burn the books
	   G		D
Try to forget, try to forget

G	Em	C	G

	G	  	Em
And	wear it like flag

	    C  		     G
Try to be patient On the way home

	G			Em
Cause inside, behind every curtain
	            C 		     G
They count the minutes they count the days

		Em 			C
Well tear it down, Well hold the truth
	G		D 
by the neck by the neck

	       Em		     C
Kick in the doors and burn the books
	   G		D
Try to forget try to forget
C							    G	 		Em		
If you look at the horizon there is always something ducking out of sight
C							   G	 		Em
When youre looking at the treetops and theyre scratching out their patterns in the sky

G		Em
Look up, open the coulds
	            C 		     G
Here comes the bombshell on the way home

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