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Beautiful Eyesore

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Im not really sure if I got this right but it is still good. E-mail me: [email protected]

Artist: Gaucho
Album: Island Riddims
Song: Beautiful Eyesore

My thanks to my two favorite cousins RJ Sumera and Budik Veneracion for the MP3s.My
thanks to Sol Karen Regalado for helping me with the lyrics. 

Listen to the song for the strumming pattern. 

Intro: G C9 D
The Whole Song : G C9/G7 D

You are the noise in the night
A butterfly in flight
the solitary fatal sting
the sunrise in the morning
Pain in my ass
The dew on the grass
*Cake On the kitchen floor

Youre my beautiful eyesore
Youre my beautiful eyesore

You are the garbage in the park
A match in the dark
A pothole in the landing strip
A vacancy in a crowded jeep
Frozen blood in the freezer
Spare *jeans to a beggar
Oil to a rusty door

Youre my beautiful eyesore
Youre my beautiful eyesore

You are the *thinking in the courtroom
A golden-topped mushroom
A silence on the other line
March with some sunshine
A *golden tooth, and a great white
A blind man's first sight

Do I need to say some more
Do I need to say some more

Youre my beautiful eyesore
Youre my beautiful beautiful beautiful eyesore

Now when I wake up in the afternoon
All I think about is you
Walking my way to the bathroom
And the *jeepney too
You know all them crazy things I do them for you
Try to hypnotize me
But it just wont do
I know I sound silly
Flowing with this tune
But I guess you better listen
Cos weve only got till june

Its been a long time
Since I answered you
And I hope that I could buy some time to be
with you
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