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Fade To Black (1)

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Подбор прислал:
Intro: Bm Bm/A Bm A/C# ___F E/G# E E7
Vers:  Am C G Em 4x

Am		     C	       G	          Em
  Life it seems will fade away,  drifting further every day.
Am	         C	     G	               Em
  Getting lost within myself, nothing matters, no one else.  
Am	          C	       G	       Em
  I have lost the will to live, simply nothing more to give.
Am	           C	       G                E5
  There is nothing more for me. Need the end to set me free

Proigr: A5 (eegd) C5 (eegd) A5 D5E5 eeC5H5 A5 (eegd) C5 (eegd) A5 G5 F#5 E5

  A                     C                     A        D5  E            (C5 G/B)
  A                     C                  A               E

Vers:    Am C G Em  2x
Am		       C	  G	         Em
  Things not what they used to be, missing one inside of me.
Am		     C	          G	              Em
  Deathly lost, this can't be real, cannot stand this hell I feel.
Am	       C	  G	           Em
  Emptiness is filling me, to the point of agony.
Am	           C	       G	        E5
  Growing darkness taking dawn,   I was me, but now he's gone

Proigr: A5 (eegd) C5 (eegd) A5 D5E5 eeC5H5 A5 (eegd) C5 (eegd) A5 G5 F#5 E5

    D5 E5       D5 E5   G5  F#5  D5
G |-7/9--9--9-|-7--9--9/12--11-|-7--7--7-------------------------------------4|
D |-7/9--9--9-|-7--9--9/12--11-|-7--7--7--9--9--9--7--7--7--5--5--5--4--4--4--|
A |-5/7--7--7-|-5--7--7/10---9-|-5--5--5--------------------------------------|
E |-----------|----------------|----------------------------------------------|

D5 E5         D5  E5     G5   F#5            D5
No one but me can save myself but   it's too late
D5  E5      	D5    E5       G5  F#5   D5 
Now I can't think,think why I should even  try.
D5 E5           D5 E5        G5F#5   D5
Yesterday seems as though it never  existed
D5    E5             D5  E5      G5  F#5  D5
Death greats me warm,now I will just say  goodbye.

Out:   Hm A G A

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