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Mama Said

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Подбор прислал:
		Mama Said

INTRO/VERSE:	Dm C Am G  Bridje: Dm G C F    Bridge2: Dm C Am Dm
		Dm C Am G          Dm G C F             Dm C Am Dm
		Dm C Am G          Dm G C F             Dm C Am Dm
		Dm C B  G Am       Dm C B G Am          Dm C B G Am

Verse1:		Mama, she has taught me well,
		Told me, when I was young,
		Son, your life s an open book,
		Don t close it fore it s done
		The brighest flame goes quickest,
		That s what I heard her say.
		The son s heart owned to mother
		But I must find my way...

Chorus:		Let my heart go,
		Let your son grow,
		Mama, let my heart go
		Or let this heart be still.


Verse2:		Rebel, my new last name,
		Wild blood in my veins
		Draping the strings aroound my neck,
		The mark that still remains
		I left home at an early age,
		Of what I heard was wrong,
		I never asked forgiveness
		For what was sad and done...


Bridge:		Never Iasked of you,
		But never I gave,
		But you gave me your emtyness
		That I ll take to my grave, (these 4 lines repeat 2 times)
		So let this heart be still.

Verse3:		Mama, now I m coming home,
		I m not all you wished to me,
		But mother s love for her son
		Was spoken, help me be
		And I took your love for granted
		And all the things you said to me,
		I need your armes to welkome me,
		But cold stone s all I see...


Bridge2:	Let my heart go,
		Mama, let my heart go
		You never let my heart go,
		Or let this heart be still.


 		 Dm (down)  solo     Dm (down, up, down) solo   And then - C (down,up, down, up,
 		[e -1-----|-1-------|-------------------|------|]                           down)
 		[H ----3--|--3---3--|-------------------|------|] and Am (down, up, down, up,
 		[G --2----|----2----|-------------------|------|]                        down).
		[D -------|---------|-------------------|-2----|
		A -------|---------|-------------------|---3--|
		E -------|---------|-------------------|------|]

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