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D-7 (табулатура)

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From: Jason M Heim 

Okay, I suck at tabbing things out on the pc, but here goes.  D-7 is
absolutely my favorite song that Nirvana played (I know it's not theirs,
but it rules the way they play[ed] it).

D-7 as played by Nirvana on the Hormoaning EP:
(apparently this song is originally by Greg Sage)


verse 1:
Straight as an arrow, ...
verse 2:
Standing on the stairs, cold cold ...

Dimension Seven

tuning: standard (although drop D would work very well)

slow part (no distortion):

E---0--------0--1--------1--  this sequence is played twice before the drums
A------2-----------3--------  come in, then twice more with the drums, then
D---------2-----------0-----  all throughout the first two lines of each 
G---------------------------  verse.

E---5-----5-----6-----6-----5-----5-----6--6--------  this is played during
A------7--7--7-----8--8--8-----7--7--7--8--8--------  the third line of each
D---------7-----------8-----------7-----8--8--------  verse, after which it
G---------------------------------------------------  returns to the riff
B---------------------------------------------------  above.

Then there is that pause where the last chord (E) rings out for about
four to eight beats,and then Kurt turns the distortion on and doubles
the tempo.

He uses the following power chord progression:
E,E,X,X,E,E,E,E,F,F,F,G,G,G,F,F x2
then he repeats verse 1 (screaming of course)
use the above chords for the first two lines, and then this for the 
third line:
A,A,X,X,A,A,A,A,A#,A#,A#,C,C,C,A#,A# x2
repeat the first power chord progression twice with no lyrics.

scream verse 2 (same chords as verse 1)

guitar solo (improvise your own, it's pretty easy)

scream verse 1 again

repeat first chord progression 8 times more,
screaming dimension seven in each.

Sorry if this is confusing, unconventional, or even wrong.  If anyone
has any pointers or corrections, let me know.

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