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On a plain (табулатура)

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Sender: KLeonard 
Date: Fri, 26 Aug 94 15:11:22 EDT
Subject: Tab for On a Plain by Nirvana

On a Plain by Nirvana

h = hammer on
p = pull off

This is undoubtedly the hardest song to figure out on the album and it's
still a pain in the arse when you know how to play it.  This transcription is
taken from the Nevermind tablature book thing.

Intro (w/distortion)
B(b5)/D# (fdbk pitch D#)

play that second part three times and hammer-on all notes with the fretting

    D                   G              F                    E5       F5  E5

it goes like this (dashes included to line up some syllables with notes):
D       G              F    E5           F5 E5
   I'll start this off with-out an-y words...

then the I love myself line...:
    D               C5                  B5              A5

D      C5         B5     A5
     I love myself    better than you...

So the verse follows the first rythym figure twice, then the second figure
for the refrain, then back to the first figure for the I know it's wrong...
D     G      F      E5  F5  E5
D     G      F      E5  F5  E5
D     C5    B5    A5
D     G      F      E5  F5  E5

As the chorus starts, play this figure and repeat it for the chorus:
    D5             G5                  Bb6sus2

D5   G5   Bb6sus2           D5   G5   Bb6sus2
                       I'm on a ....                 I can't co....

The bridge is the only easy part:
F5 (133xxx)  E5 (022xxx)  A5 (x022xx)  G5 (355xxx)

           - On a Plain, stage version -
Transcribed by Tom Perrine...
If you like this, and want any other nirvana tunes
like this, i'll be happy to help, other than that...

Drop D tuning.

     I'll start this off Without any words...
     I got so high...Scratched till i bled

Please Note: spacing above may look funny, i just put the
chord in with the syllables (sp) in the song.. listen to it
you'll see what i mean.

  Love myself   Better than ....

 But what should i do

 I'm on a plain..      ....


More notes: during the bridge, you can pick out the notes
to make it sound more like unplugged, but this is the electric
distorted version like on Roma, or Live Tonight sold out
Remember this is the stage version, not album..
Have fun
 - Tom

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