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On a plane

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Подбор прислал:
Voicings: (dropped-D tuning!)

 D    - x 5 7 7 7 x
 D/G  - 5 5 7 7 7 x
 A    - x 0 2 2 2 x
 F/Bb - 8 8101010 x
 F5   - 3 3 3 x x x
 E5   - 2 2 2 x x x
 G5   - 5 5 5 x x x

[Main Riff:  D  D/G  A (F#) (G) (F#) (E)]
[Припев:   :  D  D/G  F/Bb]
[Bridge   :  F5 E5   A  G5]

I'll start this off
Without any words
I got so high that
I scratched 'til I bled

Love myself
Better than you
I know it's wrong
So what should I do?

The finest day
That I ever had
Was when I learned
To cry on command

[Repeat "Love myself..." part]

I'm on a plain
I can't complain
I'm on a plain

My mother died
Every night
It's safe to say
Don't quote me on that

[Repeat "Love myself..." part]

The black sheep got
Blackmailed again
Forgot to put
On the zip code

[Repeat "Love myself..." part]
[Repeat Припев:]

Somewhere I have heard this before
In a dream my memory has stored
As defense I'm neutered and spayed
What the hell am I trying to say?

It is now time
To make it unclear
To write off lines
That don't make a sense

[Repeat "Love myself..." part]

One more special
Message to go
And then I'm done
And I can go home

[Repeat "Love myself..." part]
[Repeat Припев:]

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