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Sappy (табулатура)

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Date: Thu, 16 Nov 1995 20:59:37 +0100
From: Anne-Paulien Helmond

Nirvana - Sappy (aka Versus Chorus Verse)

I think it's more accurate then the ones I've seen...

Sappy as recorded by Nirvana from the Outcesticide I album, acoustic version.
Normal Tuning.

Words and Music by: Kurt Cobain
Transcribed by: Sem van Blerkem


And if you save ...

        B5          Gmaj7       Esus2        F#sus4          

    G5       A5             B5


You're in a laundry ...

        Gmaj7           Esus2


And if you kill ....


You're in a laundry ....

*Guitar solo over verse chords*:

Not present yet.


You're in a laundry ....


And if you fool yourself....


You're in a laundry room....

*Kurt ends the song with*:


Comments and suggestions to: Anne (

title:  sappy
        (i'm sure some of you know this as verse chorus verse. it was an
         earlier recording, 1988 i believe)        
artist:  kurt cobain
disc:  live and demos, unhappy, etc.
tuning:  standard, i believe.  may be tuned down a half step
(Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb)
effects:  none what so ever;  in fact, it sounds best on an acoustic guitar,
as that's how it was recorded.  if doing it on an electric, i suggest turning
the tone down for a lower sound, not as crisp.


..i know this is a really incomplete tab, but i'm clueless as to what the
chorus is.  anyway, here're the words:

verse one:
and if you save your friends, you will make her ....

you're in a laundry room.. you're in a laundry roo....

verse two:
and if you save yourself, you will make him ....
that's it.  questions/comments/criqtiques
email me at

btw, if you have a nirvana boot list, please e-mail me 

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