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Stephen Lynch
Beelz (аккорды)

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Stephen Lynch
From The Craig Machine

These are (I think) 100% accurate. No capo, but
if you capo 3rd fret, it's easier to sing if you can't sing that high.
If you find any corrections, please email me.

(Begining played with power chords)
E  F  G

E                F                   G
Ever since first man has walked this earth I have been here
   E                F              G
To whisper seeds of doubt and evil thoughts inside his ear
  E                 F              G
I am the beast, the outcast angel, fallen from on high
  E          F                   G
I go by many names, but there is one you can't deny...
  (Alternate; strike bass w/ thumb) C C/G
MY name is Satan 

(Hi everybody  Ahh, let me tell you a little about my self...)

My friends all call me old scratch
And I am a capricorn
My turn ons are romantic walks
and killing the unborn

      G                         F
I got little little horns and a little goatee
G                             F
Little devil eyes that help a little devil see
G                                F
Little cloven hoves that make it kinda hard to ski
I'm Satan  Woo Hoo 

(Mestopholies for some, I don't know.)

My real name is beelzebob,
But you can call me Beelz
I like to watch Fox News
And then go club some baby seals

Then i'd take a bubble bath and drink a zinfandel
Try to wash off that baby seal smell
And then I'll make a toast to me:
Hey, here's to my
My name is Satan  Yahah 

   Am                      G
To carry on my evil ways I went and had a son
    Am                           F           G
And now he makes his living as a singing comedian

I'm in ever Zepplin album
I'm in all Rush Limbaugh's rants
I'm the reason that the Boston Red Socks
Even had a chance

And If I wanna eat a soul I just throw it on the griddle
I don't need to make a deal I don't need to make a riddle
And fuck Charlie Daniels, I don't care if he can fiddle
I'm Satan 

G Bb C

The devil went down to Georgia he was looking for a soul to steal...

G Bb C

Which is fucking bull shit because I would not be caught dead in GEORGIA  



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