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The Girls Of Amsterdam

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The Girls of Amsterdam.
By Marcel Veltman

No one ever posted a tab of this curious British Popband, which nevertheless brought it
to some success in the 1970's. They even made it near the top of international chards
with cute songs like 'Traffic Jam' 'In the streets' and 'Sailor'. Beside that, they were
among the first ever to use a synthesizer in popular light music. Before that, such
instruments were only known to German tecno-freaks and British sympho-rockers. There were
no Simple Minds, Petshop Boys and no portable Rolands back then. 
This song was on an LP I once owned many years ago. If someone still knows all the words,
please fill me in. Done without synthesizer, it really sounds like the folk traditional
it deserves to be.

Am, C, Dm, F, Am

  Am                     C
Beautifull dolls in the windows
   F                    C
Patiently biding their time
           G                     Am
But their eyes looking out to a street full of men
 G                               Am
Who are trying to make up their minds
And the lights they keep shining
      F              C
From eve to silvery down
     G                              Am
But who needs to sleep when you're fallen in love
           C       G    Am   Dm        C       G     Am
With the girls of Amsterdam, boy, the girls of Amsterdam

Late last night we were drinking
Down in the corner caf
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