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Santana Carlos
Shades Of Time

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Подбор прислал: parman25
One of the most sensitive, but unknown Santana songs, which has to be
written down here i think!!

chords verse: Gm - C - A - D..(play the A and the D not with the barre
style, play it on the 4 highest strings...*D/G/B/E*....)

chords ref.: Em7 - Bm7 - Em7 - Bm7 - A - D

Shades Of Time

intro: I don't have the tools to write the solo down, but it's not so
heavy to hear it and play it then...!
Santana plays the chords very special, so you better listen at it and
then try to play it!!

Tell me the things that you see, or is it some time that you need
All of the things that you done, I'm certain that you had your fun

(refrain)Go out and make it better, you can make it if you try
         try to make it better....

Somebody Calls in the night, Searching to make things go right
I know there'll soon come a day
Things will start moving your way

refrain again

I'll try to help if i can, so don't hide your head in the sand, oh no
Why are you feeling so low, go wondering where will you go

Go out and make it better, you can make it if you try
Try to make it better, yeah,yeah,yeah....

Hope it will you help to get nearer to one of the greatest Guitarist of
the last and this century!!
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