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Black Coffee In Bed

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Black Coffee in Bed

Std Tuning

Not sure why there are so few Squeeze tabs. Not like these are awesome guitar songs, but
I know someone out there has heard one on the radio and come in here looking for the chords.
Nice little party/campfire song here. I found most of this on the web and worked parts of  
it into a single tab for ultimate-guitar's archives.

Main riff notes:

Verse 1:

There's a
D           Bm                 |G          D              |
stain on my notebook where your coffee cup was. And there's
D          Bm             |G          D             |
ash in the pages, now I've got myself lost.    I was
D          Bm              |G         D             |
writing to tell you that my feelings tonight,  are a
D           Bm           |G          D              |
stain on my notebook that rings your goodbye. Oh but...

Chorus 1:
Bm              |Bm         |F#              |F#          |
Now she's gone, (*)  and I'm back on the beat.           A
C#m             |C#m        |A               |A           |
stain on my note-book   says nothing to me.      Oh-ho, but..
D               |D          |G               |G           |
Now she's gone, (*)  and I'm out with a friend (out with a...
A               |A                   |
friend).    With lips full of passion
G               |G               |D**
....(oooh).. and coffee ... in .. bed.

(* = background echo "Now she's gone")
(** start main riff, play x 4)

Verse 2:
         D            Bm              G         D
With the way that you left me I could hardly contain
    D            Bm            G          D
The hurt and the anger and the joy of the pain
    D            Bm                 G           D
Now knowing I am single there'll be fire in my eyes
      D           Bm             G           D
And a stain on my notebook for a new love tonight

Chorus 2 (same as 1) (x1)

(Solo - sorry maybe later)

Chorus 3: (comes out of solo half way through)
Now she's gone (now she's gone)
        G                             A
and I'm out with a friend (out with a friend)
A                        G              D
With lips full of passion and coffee in bed

Verse 3:
      D           Bm             G           D
From lips without passion to the lips with a kiss
        D               Bm             G    D
There's nothing of your love that I'll ever miss
    D           Bm               G          D
The stain on my notebook remains all that's left
       D         Bm              G         D
Of the memory of late nights and coffee in bed
       D          Bm             G         D
Of the memory of late nights and coffee in bed

-Repeat Chorus 1 (and add lib parts from Verse 3) to fade.

D   - xx0232
Bm  - x24432
G   - 320033
F#  - 244322
C#m - 466544
A   - x02220


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