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Points Of View

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#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------#
#This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the #
#song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. #
Points of View

Originally appears on: Sweets From a Stranger
Vocal:      Glenn


Lyrics (with modifications) pinched from Dan Rivkin
and Erik G.'s Squeeze Home page.

Chords painfully figured out by Geordan Rosario.
(Thanks a bunch for all those split chords, *Glenn*... ;] )

Comments and corrections to
Flames to



I'm impossible she's exciting

G/D                 D
Bound together with joined up writing

Cm              G/D
In the Church I heard a bell ring

Cm/Eb      Em
In a bar I heard a girl sing

G              Cm/Eb
She sings solo I see double

G/D                A/C#
Moments vanish her love so subtle

Cm               G/B
I went home it's not surprising

Gm/Bb              A
Words were few and realising


Am7              G
I was deep in my points of view

Am7              G
So interested to talk to you

Am7         G
talk to you talk to you

Am7         G
talk to you talk to you

(Do chords from first verse)

She' s romantic and I'm selected
Glances swapped and thoughts collected
By her song it's not her singing
Words were few the bell was ringing

On the table my cards are shuffled
Words take time to get so muddled
I'm off home I'm shy but eager
Tomorrow comes I hope to see her

(Do chords from Chorus)

On the stage with her velvet voice
Though some would say that it's just a noise
just a noise just a noise
just a noise just a noise


Eb Dm C# Cm Bm Bb A

Am7                 G
I bit off more than I could chew

Am7                 G
So interested in my points of view

(Do chords from first verse)

Trial and Jury swear on the Bible
I'm too drunk and unreliable
I'm too drunk for conversation
Though I wait for invitation

She's exiting I'm uninvited
Fifteen rounds this love I've fighted
I'll walk home and curse the heavens
Lost on points my heart was flattened

Am7                 G
Maybe she had other things to do

Am7                 G
And didn't want any points of view

Am7 G (repeat to fade)

Written by Difford/Tilbrook, © 1982, 1987 A&M Records, Inc.

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