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Stabbing Westward
Angel (аккорды)

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Date: Sat, 17 Jan 2004 15:37:20 -0500
From: Dionne R. 
Subject: s/stabbing_westward/angel.crd

Band: Stabbing Westward

Song: Angel

Album: Stabbing Westward (2001)

Tuning: Standard

Transcribed by: Dionne R. 


Heya  It's me, yet again after a loooonnnnngggg time. It took me two days
to figure this out, so I'd definitely say it's mine. ^_~ (There is
another version of Angel up which is in tab form. This, as you will
see, is in chords. Therefore, I completely credit Farzan Karimi. You may
want to check that work for reference in drop tuning, or in the bridge
plucking, etc.) This may not be 3000% correct, but as far as I played it
with the song, I got it 99.9%. Also, please read the notes I have at the
bottom of the page before you say I don't know what I'm doing. ^_^ Play
this clean on acoustic, and I guess a little distortion around the
chorus/intro on electric. *Please note this version was transcribed using
an acoustic.* Anyhow, without further ado, here's the song.


Intro: Dm F G A x2

Verse(s): Dm F G (A) x4 (for each line of the verse)

          I believed...


Pre-chorus: Bm       G         D  x2

            She was an insatiable...

            Bm          G          D     G

            I find love...

            Bm      A         G

            God I hope....


Chorus:    D   A    G

           God I've never....

           D    A    Em7

           I've never felt....

           D    A     G

           God I've never....

           Bm     A      Dm**

           Until tonight......


Bridge:    Bm         A          G x7 (pluck the chords for the first
three times)

           I believed in nothing....


Final Chorus:    D     C      G   

                God I've never....

                 D      A      Em7

                I've never felt...

                D        A       G

                I've never been....

             Bm        A       G

               Until tonight....

              Bm          A         D

              Until tonight....    arms.


** For every chorus in the song, the last chord changes. In chorus 1
which is after verse 1, the last chord is Dm. For chorus 2 after verse
two, the last chord is G. Last chorus is shown above.

Okay, so now here's the order of the song:


Verse 1


Chorus 1

Verse 2


Chorus 2


Chorus 3


Alright, and then finally, the way I play the chords:


A: 0222xx


C: 01230x

D: 2320xx



F: 01230x

G: 330023


Questions Comments Corrections Hate my guts heh, Just write up an
e-mail, and send it on over 



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