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Stabbing Westward
On Your Way Down bass (табулатура)

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Подбор прислал:
Stabbing Westward: "On Your Way Down"
>From the album Darkest Days, Copyright 1998 Stabbing Westward. 
Tabbed by "Emptyeye" (

Keep in mind this probably won't be perfect...if it was I probably wouldn't be
playing in my school's Intermediate Band (Read: The band for retards who don't
know how to play their instruments. :P).

The song is in Drop D tuning for 4-String basses. That's what I play so that's
what I'll use. :)
Each - represents a 16th note. Basically this tab'll tell you when to play the
notes, but not how long to hold them (Typically it's for the full value, if
you're unsure just listen to the CD)

Riff #1:
G ----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|
D ----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|
A -----------1110-|-----------1110-|-----------1110-|-------1-111110-|
D 3-0----3-0-----0|3-0----3-0-----0|3-0----3-0-----0|2-2-2-2--------0|

Riff #2:
G ----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|
D ----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|
A ----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|
D 2222222222222222|3333333333333333|2222222222222222|3333333333333333|

Riff #3 (Here's where I'm really not sure):
G ----------------|----------------|
D ----------------|----------------|
A ----------------|----------------|
D 3-3333/5-5555\--|0-000000-0000000|

Riff #4 (Same here, to a lesser extent):
G ----------------|
D ----------------|
A ----------------|
D 3-33--5--5-55\-0|

Riff #5:
G ----------------|---------------|
D ----------------|---------------|
A ----------------|---------------|
D 888888888888888\|22222222222222/|

The order of the riffs as they appear in the song:
Riff 1 4X
Riff 2 2X
Riff 3 3X
Riff 4 1X
Riff 1 4X
Riff 2 2X
Riff 3 3X
Riff 4 1X
Riff 5 5X, then stay on the 8th fret of the D string for two measures.
Riff 3 3X
Riff 4 1X
Riff 1 2X
(Song segues into "Waking Up Beside You", or ends in other words.)

That's it! :)
Notes: I believe Riff 2 is actually a synthesizer. I'm not 100% sure though.

I really need help on Riff 3. I'm reasonably confident about the 3rd fret to
5th fret but have no idea where it goes after that. 

Are there two bass tracks playing during Riff #5? I can't quite tell but the 
guitar line of the song goes into what I've listed as riff #5. Yet I think I
also hear another, slightly higher bass line before the guitars kick in. 

Well I hope this helps you out. Any corrections, comments, etc, send them to
the address at the top AS PART OF THE MESSAGE. That account can't handle file
attachments. Thank you very kindly. Good night!

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