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Staggered Crossing
Next of kin (аккорды)

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Подбор прислал:

Date: Fri, 25 May 2001 13:28:31 -0400
From: Rattice 
Subject: s/staggered_crossing/next_of_kin.crd

Artist:       Staggered Crossing
Tabbed Song:  Next of Kin
Tabbed by:    Rattice aka Caper_2000

Standard Tuning


Just add some ad lib strumming or picking over these chords.
Listen to the song for timings.

       F         Bb          C        F
E |----------------------------------------|
B |----------------------------------------|
G |--------------3-3-3---------5-----------|
D |------3-3-----3-3-3---------5------3----|
A |------3-3---0h1-1-1-----1/3-3------3----|
e |--0h1-1-1--------------------------1----|

Piano converted to guitar. This is played over the chords above.
End on the A string the first time. Then 15 on the D the 2nd time.

E |----------------------------------------| r
B |--13--------11--------------------------| e
G |-----14---------12----------------------| p
D |--------15---------12-----14-------(15)-| e
A |-----------------------------------(15)-| a
e |----------------------------------------| t


     Dm    C        F      Bb        F    C         F
E |--1-1---0-0---|--1-1----1-1---|---1-1--0-0-------1-----|
B |--3-3---1-1---|--1-1----3-3---|---1-1--1-1-------1-----|
G |--2-2---0-0---|--2-2----3-3---|---2-2--0-0-------2-----|
D |--0-0---2-2---|--3-3----3-3---|---3-3--2-2-------3-----|
A |--------3-3---|--3-3----1-1---|---3-3--3-3-------3-----|
e |--------------|--1-1----------|---1-1------------1-----|

Post Chorus

E |---6-6----1-1---1----1------------------------| r
B |---8-8----3-3---1------1----------------------| e
G |---8-8----3-3---2--------2--------------------| p
D |---8-8----3-3---3----------3------------------| e
A |---6-6----1-1---3-----------------------------| a
e |----------------1-----------------------------| t

This is a great new band. I encourage you all to listen
to their other work. Any input, comments, or complaints
are most welcome:

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