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Good Souls

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Подбор прислал: ovsyannikov
-You will need to listen to the song to get the rhythm.

intro - A, Asus2 (Asus2 only played briefly.)
verses are played the same as the intro.

A     - x02220
Asus2 - x0220x
D     - xx0232
E     - 022000
F     - 033210
G     - 320003

Feel sick after every meal i take
cos i know the life from you burnin wheel wont wait

A                    D                        A
sleep. i sleep every day wipe the cobwebs away
i needs to be loved

A                     D
christ, im out of my mind,
             A                   E
i need to be loved. i need to be loved

A                      E
as i turn to you and i said
thank goodness for the good souls
     F         G
that make life better

A                      E
as i turn to you and i said
if it wasnt for the good souls
     F         G
life would not matter

A    D

dive straight in on your girlfriend
making her feel like, theres gonna be war

Dive straight in at the deep end
making you feel like theres gonna be war


One good day of the week and i'll be up again
one good day of the week i'll be higher than the government


A                      E
as i turn to you and i said
if you're messing with a good heart
    F     G          A
you gotta take whats due

Outro  A, Asus2
This is my first tab so i apologise if anything is wrong, its just i couldnt find this anywhere.
Paul Welbourn 170401

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