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Telling Them

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Подбор прислал:
I think these chords are right.  They are at least good enough to sing the song to.

Bb                  Bb
We set off that day shaking all the way, 

Cm                            Bb
would your Mother speak to us again.

Bb                  Bb                  
Put away your doubt that won't help us out, 

Cm                              Bb    
just be sure to call before you ground.

Cm                      F         Cm    Eb
The sun shone, the wind cried, so long, goodbye.


Bb                 Bb
Lay your body down for the here and now, 

Cm                               Bb
just be sure to win before you're out.

Bb                  Bb                 
How you feeling now living with the crown, 

Cm                                 Bb
look at her and say you've been let down.

Cm                      F         Cm    Eb
The sun shone, the wind cried, so long, goodnight.

(play this section twice)

Bb             Fm                 Ab             Bb 
By the book or by the gun there's fear inside of everyone.

Bb                Fm               Ab                 Bb
Turn your head to face the sun and love will keep you safe.

(musical outro with awesome strings!)

C#, Fm

It simply switches back and forth between C# and Fm.  If you want to catch the ensemble
walk-up progression that last time through, play these chords and follow the rhythm of
the bass line:

Fm, Gm, G#, Bb, Cm, C#.............and the last chord of the song is Fm

Enjoy!  It's a brilliant song!

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