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Steel Train
Women I Belong To

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Подбор прислал:
E A B x2

I wake in the night and I want to write about what we went through
A			    B
I've been lying still for weeks
Got this new piano, and its older than my dad
	A			    B
But it sings the way I think so I stay at home and play
I get in and out some of these days
       A		     B
I'd rather swing below this old red tree
	   E	  A    B             E	 A   B
But I get tired, yeah I've seen too much

I aint got a dollar to my name but full of stories I am
A		    B
I ramble on about love and her and her
There were two of them, one left and one died
A		 B			    E
One year in the life, you know I lost everything
		      A			B
But I found a new home in the women I belong to
	       E      A	   B		E   A	B
They make me tired, yeah I've seen too much

I aint never been so alone and I've never felt so cold
	A				  B
And i swear that I want love more than I want gold
I'd trade it all for one more story with you
		A			B
Or one more kiss with her, one more year innocent
And there was a time not so long ago when I knew I had the world
A			     B
Oh I held it close, close enough to let me go
	     E	    A	     B	  	E	
It made me tired, yeah I've seen too much
A	   B
Yeah I've seen too much

I said ayayay..

My past swings away from me as I swing beneath this old red tree
A			B
Been swinging here for years now
	  E							A
And I've swung through their deaths and weddings and confessed love
To the women I belong to
	E							A
My mothers getting older and she watched colder winters as we age
Who does she belong to
		E   A		B	E	
I bet she's tired, bet she's seen too much
	   A		B	  E	
Im tired, you know I've seen too much
	   A	B	E
Im tired, I've seen too much

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