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Stephen Lynch

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Подбор прислал:
If you watch alot of Comedy Central Presents you might've seen Stephen Lynch
perform his hilariously funny songs of a suggestive and questionable nature
before. Here is one of them called Hermaphroditey.

E: 022100    Am: 002210    ?: 054030(the third time you
C: 032010     F: 003210              repeat intro, slide 
                                     to this after holding


E E  CCCCCCC  :x4(very fast)

Verse 1:
E          C     E          C
She's part girl, she's part boy,
E         C          E         C
She's got parts everyone can enjoy.
E         C     E         C
She's got more, she's got less,
Am                    F
She's got her manhood tucked in her dress.

(repeat intro)

Verse 2:
E        C         E        C
Is she a mister or is she a miss?
E              C             E        C
Does she stand up when she's taking a piss?
      E         C                E         C
She's my little girl, yeah she's my little guy,
Am                             F
When I try to please her I get poked in the eye!

E E E E E  C C/? ? (x2)

Verse 3:
E                  C     /   ?
She wears lace and she wears flannel,
E                            C       /?
She watches football AND the Lifetime channel!
E                C      /  ?
Whats that bulge under her nighty?
E                C   /   ?
It must be Hermaphroditey!

Verse 4:
E               C
Some things are white,
E               C
Some things are black,
E               C
Some girls wear make-up,
E(play once and stop suddenly)
Mine shaves her back.

E            C
She is still beautiful,
E            C
She is still fine,
It's too bad her package
Is bigger than mine.

E E E E E  C C/??

Verse 5:
E                   C   /   ?
She can't help her imperfections,
E                           C    /    ?
She gets jock itch from her yeast infections,
E                C     / ?
Who stole all my tighty whities?
E              C   /  ?
It must be Hermaphroditey! 

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