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Stephen Lynch
Special Fred (табулатура)

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Подбор прислал:
Stephen Lynch - "Special Fred"

Standard Tuning, No Capo

    A    E7sus4*    Bm      E      C#m     Dm     Asus2
E---0--- ---0--- ---2--- ---0--- ---4--- ---5--- ---0---
B---2--- ---0--- ---3--- ---0--- ---5--- ---6--- ---0---
G---2--- ---2--- ---4--- ---1--- ---6--- ---7--- ---2---
D---2--- ---0--- ---4--- ---2--- ---6--- ---7--- ---2---
A---0--- ---0--- ---2--- ---2--- ---4--- ---5--- ---0---
E---0--- ---0--- ---2--- ---0--- ---4--- ---5--- ---0---

*(I'll type E4 for short)

During The verses A and E7sus4 are played... E7sus4 is just what he plays
when he plays a variation of the A chord. You could play Asus2 if you like
as well. Just choose whatever you think sounds better.

A      E4    A      E4
When i was a boy of 10
  A     E4   A    E4
I had a very best friend
A        E4        A      E4
Fred was kind with good intent
Bm                E
But just a little different

   A       E4      Bm
Oh special fred
     E           A      E4      Bm
Mama dropped him on his head
        E      A        E4      Bm
Now hes not so bright instead
       E          A         E4       Bm
He's a little bit special
Just a little bit

(Same chords as the 1st Verse)
We'd play tag and he'd get hurt
I'd play soldier He'd eat dirt
I liked math and spelling bees
Fred liked talking to a tree


I ran track, hung out in malls
Fred ran head first into walls
I had girls and lots of clothes
Fred had names for all his toes


C#m           Dm                     C#m
          One day talking to special fred
             Dm                    C#m
He grabbed a brick and swung at my head
      Dm                          C#m
As he laughed at me that's when i knew
             Dm                    E       A     E4
That special Fred had just made me special too

Now i laugh as i count bugs
I give strangers great big hugs
Next to me Fred is fine
Yeah, he's a f'n Eistein

(Same Chords as Chorus)
Oh special fred and me
Now we're not right in the head, ya see
Now we're not so bright instead
We're a little bit special
Just a little bit special
That bastard fred made me special
Just a little bit
Just a little bit...special


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