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Stephen Lynch
Thats why mommy left us (аккорды)

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Date: Mon, 30 Jun 2003 23:04:27 -0400
From: Andrew Miller 
Subject: l/lynch_stephen/thats_why_mommy_left_us.crd

That's Why Mommy Left Us by Stephen Lynch
from Comedy Central
*Capo 2nd fret*
All chord positions relative to the capo
Opening fingering 030030 fingerpicked, alternate between E,A,D strings
 for bass note.
Hush little girl...
Daddy is here...
Am            C              G      Dsus2
Why ....
Am            C                    G      Dsus2
How can ....
      G           Dsus2     Em         C
cause daddy likes ...
G          Dsus2      Em           C
Daddy gets wasted .....
G            Dsus2      Em          C           G    Dsus2
Daddy likes .........
           Em       C          G
I think that's why mommy left us
(Opening arrangement)
Hush little girl ......
Don't mind the smoke.......
Am            C              G     Dsus2
Soon it will......
Am   C                   G                  Dsus2 
Any minute .....
G                Dsus2    Em              C
But daddy plays .....
G              Dsus2    Em                C
Then he wants ......
G          Dsus2        Em           C           G      Dsus    
Daddy has sores .....
        Em         C          G
I think that's........
C            Dsus2             C         Dsus2
Please don't cry             I swear I'll try
   C       Dsus2
To be here by your side
{repeat verse chords}G Dsus2 Em C
right after daddy ......
vsits his bookie ......
He'll head to the .....
He'll bring home ......
Chords used:
Am      X02210
C       X32010
G       320033
Dsus2   XX0230
Em      022000
This is my first submission, but i'm pretty sure it is accurate
to what he plays on the Comedy Central special. You can finger pick it
all or
just strum the chords. It sounds good either way. Even if it is wrong,
it is a great song to play around the campfire 
Andrew Miller (

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