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Stephen Lynch
When Youre Not Home

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Подбор прислал:
This is a funny song by Stephen Lynch. Its a song to sing when you are with friends. I 
you have as much fun with this song as I have :D

    A                            G          D
You say thats you're leaving but just for a day
     A                    G     D
The company wants you to fly to LA
        A                    G         D
So you leave me alone and i sit and i say
 G          D    A
What will i do today
G            D      A (This one is picked)
Today while you're away

I will...
Sniff all your underwear
D             A
Dress in your clothes
G                           D    A
Pleasure myself inside your pantyhose
I know it's not easy
D           A
To leave me alone
But it's more fun
D               A
When you're not home
G                  D               A
Yeah it's more fun when you're not home

I will
use all your tampons
D         A
Soil your pajamas.
Make obscene phone calls
D               A
to both of your grandmas

G                       D        A
I know it's not easy to leave me alone.
G                 D               A
But it's more fun when you're not home

G                 D               A
Yeah its more fun when you're not home

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