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Stephen Lynch
Whittlin Man

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Подбор прислал:
Song: Whittlin' man
Artist: Stephen Lynch
Album: The Craig Machine
Tabbed by Kenny Maus:


    Am  E   C   G   F   D*   Bb*  B#*

hummed fill riff:
A|-0-2-3-2-0-2-0   *or*   e|-5-7-8-7-5-7-5

(same as prechorus)
Am  E  C  G

Am     F        E             Am      F        E
In the woods of northern Michigan he made his home
Didn't ask much from the world just wanted to be alone
Got his first real blade at thirteen that's when it all began
Soon the creatures of the forest called him whittlin' man

Am                          E
He whittle all day, and he whittle all night
C                           G
he whittle whittle whittle everything in sight
Am                          E
He whittle on a stick and he whittle on a shoe
C                           G
If you come to close gonna whittle you, too

D*           Bb*            D*
Keep a safe distance if you can
                 Bb*          B#*      Am   E   C  G
Cuz you're never safe around whittlin' man
(back to prechorus riff)

Am     F        E               Am         F        E
Had a stump to sit on, had some wood and his trusty knife
Whittled out a house, a car, and he whittled himself a wife
Such a beautiful wife
Whittled out four kids, a swimmin' pool and a big lear jet
And so he wouldn't miss Saved by the Bell, well he whittled a TV set
Am                          E
He whittle if it's light and he whittle if it's dark
C                           G
And if noone was around well he'd whittle in the nark
Am                          E
He whittle something new and he whittle something old
C                           G
He whittle something hot and he whittle something rather chilly

D*           Bb*            D*
Keep a safe distance if you can
                 Bb*          B#*      Am   E   C  G
Cuz you're never safe around whittlin' man
(back to prechorus riff)

Am       F         E                       Am         F        E
Some say whittlin' man's a genious, still others say he's just dumb
Whittled off a foot, an ear, three fingers, and his left thumb
Boy is he dumb
That won't stop him, no it won't, he'll whittle through thick and thin
Once he's whittled everything, he'll just whittle it all again
Am                          E
He whittle if it's white, and he whittle if it's black
C                           G
He whittle on a duck till a duck can't quack
He'll whittle if he's dry and he'll whittle if it's juicy
He whittle ol'Desi and he whittled ol' Lucy
He whittle JFK and he whittle Jackie O
Whittle ol' Larry and Curly and Moe
And he whittle Frank Zappa and he whittle Tipper Gore
Whittle whittle whittle till he can't no more

Whittle Shamoo and he whittle ol' Jaws
Whittle Easter Bunny and he whittled Santa Clause
Whittle whittle whittle just as fast as he can
Whittle till he's dead he's... whittlin' maan

end on Am

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