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Tommy Makem
The Whistling Gypsy

Подбор прислал:
#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------#
#This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the #
#song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. #
{title:The Whistling Gypsy}
{st:Tommy Makem}
The G[G]ypsy R[D]over came [G]over the h[D]ill,
D[G]own through the v[D]alley so s[G]hady[D].
He wh[G]istled and he s[D]ang 'till the gr[G]eenwoods r[C]ang,
And [G]he won the B[D]eart of A [G]lad[C]y.   [G]     [D7]

     Ah-di-do, ah-di-do ah-dey,
     Ah-di-do, ah-di dey-o,
     He whistled and he sang 'till the greenwoods rang,
     And he won the heart of a lady.

She left her father's castle gate,
She left her own true lover,
She left her servants and her estate
To follow the Gypsy Rover.


Her father saddled his fastest steed,
Roamed the valley all over,
Sought his daughter at great speed,
And the whistling Gypsy Rover.


He came at last to a mansion fine,
Down by the river Calyde,
And there was music and there was wine
For the Gypsy and his lady.


"He's no gypsy, my father," she said,
"But lord of the freelands all over,
And I will stay 'till my dying day
With my whistling Gypsy Rover.

# Submitted to the archives
# by Steve Putz 
# 7 September 1992
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