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Turn Off The Stars

Подбор прислал:
The correct version is fourth fret capo, but you can adjust that so you can sing it. I 
best at first fret, so it goes with whatever your voice can. This is a great song that I 
is best with a singer singing along.

Capo Fourth Fret

Am               G    C

Am               G    C
I live but only for today
 F                        G       C
'Cause I died but that was yesterday
Am                      G    C
But doubt is such a lonely place
 F                       G    C
When faith is half the world away
Just come away

            F                     C/G
'Cause you know the sun is gonna shine
                   E7                      Am
For yours and for mine, just leave it all behind
        F                          C/G
And I know when I see it in your eyes
You need freedom from this life
Just take it to the Brightside

Am G C F G C
         Am           G        C
Well, I live just to see you smile
       F                  G       C
But I know that it could take a while
        Am                G        C
But I loved, I loved you all the while
         F                  G        C
And for you, you know I
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