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Vampire Weekend

Подбор прислал:
I was really shocked when I saw that no one had but up the chords for this, so I 
decided to figure them out, seeing as I wanted them for something anyway.
This is really basic, but accurate. The only three chords you need to use for this 
are D, A and G, and it's great for beginner guitarists and a helping hand to more 
advanced guitarists who want to add their own twist.
Let me know if there's anything wrong, by commenting, and I'll fix it.


Intro: - D

Verse: -

D             A
Holiday, O, A Holiday!
       G         D      A
And the best one of the year
D               A
Dozing off underneath my sheets
        G     D       A
While I cover both my ears

Chorus: -

    G               D        A                D
But if I wait for a holiday, could it stop my fear?
   G            D            A               D
To go away on a summer
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